Content. Deliver simple messages.

We tell stories with your business ideas. Whether your story is a menu, a price list, a product description or community devoted to your customer base, the principles are the same. We will help you set the stage and dress your content to captivate your customers. We will script your dialogue, help you learn to improvise and cry on demand. And when the credits roll, your customers will deliver a standing ovation, and will keep standing up for you as your business grows to bigger and bigger stages.

Menu Prices

Documentation Content



How do we do this? Glad you asked.

  • We pay attention to search engine optimization, but we write for humans.
  • We strive for simplicity in everything. Think Hemingway.
  • All content that is relevant to your business is given a proper place.
  • The focus is on delivering a single message that your customers can remember.
  • We also provide your customers a clear way to talk back to you.

Your customers will not read what they can not find.

We pay attention to details.  We give your customers direction by maximizing exposure to things that really matters to your business. Communication is a two way street, so your customers will always be able to send you a feedback with two or three clicks of the mouse.

Photos tell better stories than words ever can. We integrate every written word with as much visual appeal as possible to continue with your business’ narrative. Don’t have a photographer on retainer? Don’t worry about it – we’ve got a number of solutions to address that problem.

With Three Point Design, your web site will be more than just an email address and a company logo. Your story will be carried forward by every potential customer that you can drive to it. All that’s left for you is to start the show.

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