Character: To thine own self be true

We use the term character to talk about the ways in which your customers experience your message.

There’s a story here. We build beautiful web sites that deliver meaningful content and are cost effective. But we also want your customers to maintain a sense of the people behind the page as they shop, solicit, learn and otherwise engage with your business. We want to create a product for you that is not only technically sound, but emotionally captures the essence of you and your business. We want your site to display your character.

One of the best definitions of character that we have learned comes from They write that character is “the inward values that determine outward actions.”

That’s a powerful statement. Here are some implications.

  •   Your customers all have different character elements, which means that they will all experience your site differently.
  •   Without proper consideration, your web site can take on characteristics that are different than the ones you infuse into your business.
  •   By infusing as much character into your site as possible, we can encourage your customers to take specific actions.

The good news is that this consideration is totally free to you. We strive to be connoisseurs of cool when it comes to the web, and we couldn’t build a single site without drawing inspiration from what is out there already. But, we also want to know what inspires you. What will make your idea stand apart from the rest? What characteristics can we infuse into your site?

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